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Erotic Zones

Tantra Tuesday is 2-Hour Sensual Massage Experience where the facilitator will guide a small group of men through sensual/sexual and erotic energy work on massage tables to stimulate arousal, self-healing, connection, empowerment, and strength. The cost is $30 per person. Register early. This will fill up quickly. Wait List is available.

We are returning to our popular and successful Erotic Zones edition of Tantric Tuesday which will run through most of the winter months. It's an opportunity to explore deep sensuality and oneness with yourself and others. 

This session will include several Erotic Zones (or stations) in which small groups will engage together to create erotic energy.

Zone One: Sensual Wetness (Hot Tub)

Zone Two: Free Erotic Play & Massage (On a floor mattress) This edition of Tantra Tuesday is highly sexual, intimate, and erotic!
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