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Body Sensual

The intention of the Body Sensual Program is to create Energy. Not just an type of energy, but Sexual Magic and Erotic Energy. My belief is that in our Intimate Connections with one another, we have the ability to create Love and Passion to share with one another and others around us.

The exploration of Male Eroticism (Eros) is an Empowering resource for Self Development and Growth. We use the art of Erotic Touch and Massage to bring Pleasure and Awareness to the Whole Being. We experience how this Male Bonding can help to define how we are ALL connected.

I see this as Energy Work. We set intentions and have them come to fruition using the energetic power of sex, sexuality, intimacy, and sensuality.

Here is a brief description of the the Body Sensual Massage Experience.

With 3-4 Men per massage table, the Facilitator guides them through a multi-handed massage experience.

The intention is to raise erotic and sensual energy through touch. As Men, we are often taught to shame ourselves and others for showing intimate contact with another Man. In this massage experience, Men are given the permission to receive, accept, and give the gift of touch.

All the Men at the massage table are full participants. While 2-3 Men are giving massage, the Man on the table is moving and vocalizing to raise his own erotic energy. He is also allowed to touch himself and his partners. Not only is this erotic energy rising at the individual massage table, but in the entire room.

Another important portion of this exercise is communication. The Man on the table is allowed to tell his Partners what he likes and dislikes. The idea is to raise the most pleasure as possible. If the Man on the table is receiving touch that does not feel good, he simply tells his Partners how he’d rather be touched.

Genital touch is also a part of this massage experience. The Facilitator teaches the Men how to stimulate the penis and anus in a way that evokes more pleasure and erotic energy. Although not discouraged, the urge to ejaculate is withheld. If the Man on the table feels he may ejaculate, the objective is to move that energy throughout the body with more massage.

Music is also a part of the massage experience. Slow paced as well as high tempo music is played to exhilarate the energy in the room.

If you have any further questions about this event, please email John.

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